State and Federal Aqueducts

The primary means of exporting water from the Delta are two large aqueducts.

Together, they export nearly three million acre-feet of fresh water south to be used in the San Joaquin Valley by agriculture and urban uses, and to the Los Angeles metropolitan area for urban uses.

The aqueducts convey approximately 10% of the state’s fresh water. Another 40% of water that would pass through the Delta is diverted from its tributaries for agriculture, municipal, habitat, industrial, and recreational uses before it reaches it. At its peak in the 1980’s, the various diversions from the Delta totaled approximately half of the pre-diversion water that once passed through the Delta.

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Water Project Aqueduct

Water Project Aqueduct

State and federal aqueducts supply northern California water to the southern half of the state. This supply will increase as a percentage of total supply due to decrease export from the Colorado River.


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