Two apologies

At the risk of sounding self-absorbed, an announcement about a change to the writing style used in this blog is necessary.

I have decided to can the Royal We phrasing, and from now on will refer to myself in the first person. The reason I am doing this is because an apology needs to come from me as an individual to Dino Cortopassi and Alex Spanos about the tone and accuracy of the post from a few days ago. The “we” just doesn’t cut it for such a purpose.

To Mr Cortopassi:
It is very clear to me now that when I wrote “immigrant canned goods libertarian” to describe you I crossed the line of civil debate. Rather than edit the post, I will leave it in as a record of my own bad behavior, but please be assured that I do regret having made such a poor decision. Assuming you’ve even read that post, which is not a foregone conclusion, I hope that you will accept my apology.

To Mr Spanos:
I have updated the post in question to reflect the fact that your roots, like Mr Cortopassi’s and Mr Zuckerman’s, are indeed deeply embedded in the Delta. It was an error to make the assumption that since you own a high-profile sports team in San Diego, that you must be from there. Embarrassingly shoddy work on my part. Assuming that you, too, have even read the post, which is not a foregone conclusion, I hope that you too will accept my apology.

There are times when the tone of a blog post needs, in my opinion, to have an edge. In this particular case, though, it was a poor decision on my part to use an edgy style. Neither Mr Cortopassi’s nor Mr Spanos’s actions to raise money for Restore the Delta deserved this treatment.

Posted by John Bass on 17 Aug 2011 | Comments (0)


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