Rep. Nunes calls Kern County Water Agency names

Devin Nunes’s most recent blog post, Aid and Comfort to the Enemy, is a perfect illustration of the sense of entitlement the right seems to think it has.

In this instance, entitled to use words that conjure images of violence and war in the context of debate over resource scarcity and allocation. Aid and Comfort to the Enemy? What is the difference between Rep. Nunes writing this and the sort of rhetoric Sarah Palin’s crosshairs represented? It’s a slippery slope, Congressman.

It is obvious that the right believes they have found a winning rhetorical technique - keep it simple stupid - otherwise, people might hear your words as an invitation to think. The protests against budget cuts in Wisconsin may be a warning sign to politicians like Rep. Nunes that their preferred technique is nearly exhausted in its utility.

It is interesting that Rep. Nunes’s contribution to the Republican’s un-spending bill is being opposed by some San Joaquin Valley water interests - even one or two that he cites - but of course, in Nunes’s k.i.s.s. logic, these interests are mere shills for pinko environmentalists.

The DNP staff agrees that it isn’t every day that the Kern County Water Agency gets called a shill for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Poor NRDC - Rep. Nunes calls them names, but not principled environmentalist, like others do.

Who exactly Nunes includes and excludes in his defense of SJV agriculture is of course not something he can want anyone thinking too hard about. Farmers? Yes, some of them. Farmworkers? Well…if they keep their mouths shut and stay away from that union guy, maybe. Landowners? Damn straight, unless they are friends of Feinstein. Migrants? Hell, no - even if no one else will do the work - I don’t care!

Scorched earth from Rep. Nunes - hypocrisy, paranoia, bluster, and bullying - all of it ugly, uncivil, reptilian, and we assume he could care less. The contentious landscape of water politics in the Central Valley (over)simplified to enemies and allies. Nice job.

Posted by John Bass on 19 Feb 2011 | Comments (0)


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